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My name is Brian Berris and i'm 17. I live in Detroit, Michigan. I've been skating for about 6 years now. Right now i have the K2 250 skates. When i'm not skating i'm hanging out with friends or me and my friends do crazy stunts, mess around with people, and hang out. Basicly we are total dumbasses. I have been playing the guitar for about a year now. I like punk, ska, reggae, and hard rock. I have a girlfriend named Sarah that I love alot! My next skates will probably be either the UFS K2's or the UFS remz. My favorite skaters are Arlo, Aaron Fienberg, Rob G., Brian Shima, Jon Julio, and Franky Morales. And for anyone who read this, you must be bored as hell cause normaly people dont care about who made a site, unless you know me. But if you dont know me and read this anyway, I gotta give ya a pat on the back. Now please continue to be bored, while i hide myself in shame for making such a horrible bio on my self.
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