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Skating Terms

Grinding- When you jump onto a rail or step and slide across the surfave of it.

Street Skating- When you skate around your town grinding at schools and churchs or wherever.

Vert Skating- Skating half-pipes and stuff.

Topside- A variation of a grind that consists of the wheels of your soul being ontop of what you are grinding.

Backside- A variation of a grind that your back must be facing what you are grinding.

Lead foot- The foot that leads is the one that is in front and is the way that you are traveling during a grind.

Trail Foot- The foot that trails is the one that is not leading (duh).

Flat rock- A wheel setup that is when all your wheels are touching the ground.

Anti Rocker- A wheel setup that is when your back and frontwheel is touching and your two middle wheels are smaller.

Chunking- When the rubber from your wheels are coming of in chunks.

Bail- Jumping out of a move in desperation of landing.

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