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Welcome to Blade's Skate Page, this is the new layout hope you like it, and if you dont, then F*CK off. Don't forget to sign the guest book. Also, sign some shit on the message board.

Welcome Skaters

09/24/02- I blink my eyes and once again 3 months have gone by. I am just touching up some things on the site. Once i go skatin with Mike i will have some new pics, and i will also try to get another video up. The counter is not working at the moment, so thats what im workin on at the moment.

06/16/02- I added a few new pics of the crew. Since its summer now we do alot of skatin. By the end of this season i also hope to have some more vids of us too. Right now i am in Minnasota, and im getting eatin alive by misquitos (dammit). There is a free skate park around here i think im gonna check out sometime this week.

06/16/02- I finally got the new format for the site up. Its alot more orginized than it was before.

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