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What skate is for you?

If you are a newbie and want to get an aggresive skate but don't know what to get, you've come to the right place.

First you have to look at what kind of skating you are gonna be doing. If you are gonna do street then you need a street skate, if your gonna vert. your gonna need a vert skate. Makes sence. Anyways, if your a newbie your gonna want a begginers skate. You don't wanna spend $250 on the best skates and quite in a month. So start off with begginer skates like squash, lightnings, menaces or some skate that is $75-$150.
Now if you are gonna street skate you want to have hard wheels. Other wise your gonna go through wheels like a fat guy goes through a bag of chips(they wear out fast). For vert skating you want softer wheels. This is so your wheels can grip the floor better and you won't be sliding around.
When you get better and know you wanna stick with it go for some better skates. Go for some good skate companys like K2, Razors, and RB. They make great skates.
These are just suggestions from an expierenced skater (me). If you got questions or comments e-mail me here

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