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Skate of the Union Adress

No Rollerblading. No Skateboarding. No Biking. If you do an extreme sport you have seen these signs before. Many of you have been kicked out of public places for skating, biking, skateboarding or anything else you do. Why? Because of a dirty, rotten, corrupt thing called THE SYSTEM better known as the government. They feel the need to crack down on anything enjoyable in life (not just extreme sports). In the begining they made laws to keep people safe. Now they make laws to keep us obidiant. Did you know in some states that it is illigal to be naked while talking on the phone! Laws like this are pointless. Anything that the government doesn't like they stop in the courts. They have to be able to run everything, and little by little they are eating away at our freedom. I've heard on the news that a kid got expelled just for saying the word bomb! Another kid got expelled for wearing a trench coat to school (yeah it was bad taste to do that but it is still his right to wear what he wants). Sounds like we no longer have the freedom of speech. The government is probably thinking "ha we took that away from them, now how can we take away their freedom of press?". Then came along censorship and started eating away at more of our rights. With all the laws they make they will never make a law that enforces our rights. Rage Against the Machine had a good point in Know Your Enemy when they said "What! Land of the free? Who ever told you that is your enemy". The Kottonmouth kings also made a good point when then said "It's all conformity. Everyone's afraid. So working robots slaves that they've made.","Taxes are stealing", and "voting doesn't work". Those statements are all true. One day you will look at your life and relize what I do. Your freedom is gone.

To learn more go here Anarchy Theory

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