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Why do they?

This has been a question that is yet to be explained. Why do they hate us. Is it because they are jealus that they wasted 3 years of their life trying to learn to kick flip, while it takes us the same amount of time to grind rails, bust flat spins and get sponsored and acually get paid to skate. What ever the reason may be i think the closest explination for it is below. This I found will surfing the web.
"I think skateboarders hate us because they used to rule the ramps. Skateboarding has been around longer than both BMX/freestyle and Aggro inline skating. Most of the skateboarders I've talked to view "bladers"/bikers as some sort of wanna-be skateboarder whom they don't think have enough balance to walk across the floor. Also, since there's a faster learning curve with aggressive inlining, maybe boarders are beginning to feel "crowded-out" with more and more inlines at skateparks. The funny part is that most of the boarders who ceaselessly gripe about inliners can't board worth a darn anyway. They belittle and insult us, and try to provoke fights with us, but 80% of them can't do much more than roll across the parking lot and ollie up onto a curb! I'm not saying this as an insult. Skateboarding is HARD! But next time a skateboarder insults me, they should at least be able to show me up by sliding the same handrail I do. I used to have a sign on my ramp. It said, "If you have the guts to get on the ramp, then you're equal. But leave your attitude on the street." Most of the time, inliners skated it, but whenever a biker or boarder wanted to, I didn't have a problem with it, as long as they read the sign first. We never had any problems. Dont get me wrong; I don't hate skateboarders. I know several open-minded boarders who don't disrespect anyone, and will cruise the streets with both bikers and skaters. And they're GOOD, not like some of the posers who can barely roll across the street, hating everyone else because they're not as cool. If skateboarders want to hate me because I'm on skates, and want to be so narrow-minded that they can't realize that boarders, inliner's and bikers are really on the same team, that's too bad. Then all this B.S. will continue. But bikers will still ride, and inliners will still skate. Nothing's going to change. But if some of those lame-O poser's in all three sports would spend more time practicing and less time trying to pick fights, maybe all three groups could session together in peace one day, huh?" -DARTHBLADER
Well that is exactly how i feel. I don't hate skateboarders either. It's just the ones that think that skateboarding is the only extreme sport out there. Tell me what you think about this topic on my message board.

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