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A frontside is one of the two most basic grinds in skating (the other is the soul). A frontside grind is when you lock onto the step (or rail) with your 2 middle wheels on each skate. If your a beginer start coming up to the step at a 30-45 degree angle (for more experienced skaters you can start where ever). Approch the step with medium speed. Jump on it and lock on with your middle wheels. Always have your knees bent and your skates about a shoulder length apart. The only tricky thing for begginers is sliding. All i can tell you is to lean towards your lead foot but not too much. And the last thing is you must jump off (of course). You cna pretty much land anyway you want fakie, 360, etc... The one thing i can't stress more is practice. "If at first you don't succeed try, try again."

Here is a diagram to show you (yeah i know it sucks but bare with me, i'll have pics soon) : ( )=Skate ---- = rail or step

-------( )---( )------
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