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A Royale is a very difficult move the first time you try learning it. This is now one of my favorite moves. Anyways there are different ways to learn this move. Let me start off by telling you what it is. A Royale is like a frontside only your trailing foot is bent so the side of your boot is touching what your grinding. First off when i learned this move at first i had trouble geting my boot to touch. So what I did was undid the buckle so i could bend my ankle. If your having trouble try that but only to learn once you can do it good buckle it up again cause it's possible to break your ankle. Ok, well onto the technique. Come up on it with a little bit more speed than normal to get your momentum going. Jump and lock on with the boot touching the step. Bend your knees more than normal and center your weight over your royale foot. This takes alot of momentum to slide. Now jump off by pushing off your royale foot and land (duh).

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